Privacy Policy

Fabasoft International Services GmbH, Honauerstrasse 4, 4020 Linz, Austria (subsequently referred to as: “Fabasoft“) is committed to respecting the protection of information and in particular the protection of personal data. This Privacy Policy describes in detail how Fabasoft is processing and protecting your personal data on this website. This Privacy Policy applies to all those websites operated by Fabasoft that provide access to this Privacy Policy. This Privacy Policy does however not apply to the products offered by Fabasoft, in particular not to the (personal) data that is used within the framework of Cloud services. For these areas, separate data protection arrangements are concluded.

As the technical and legal framework conditions regarding the processing of personal data are subject to constant and progressive development, Fabasoft reserves the right to adapt this Privacy Policy from time to time to changes in the underlying framework conditions. Users of a Fabasoft website therefore have to inform themselves of any adaptations of this Privacy Policy when they start using the website.


1. Personal Data

Only direct and indirect personal data deserves protection. Direct personal data refers to information on a person of determined or undetermined identity. Indirect personal data refers to data that cannot be associated with a person within the framework of legally permissible means, but where such an association is theoretically possible.

Examples of personal data are the name, the address, the birth date, the telephone number and the email address.

However, anonymous or anonymised data is not considered as personal data. It does not fall within the scope of the data protection regulations. Whenever possible, Fabasoft tries to process data in an anonymised way. This is for example achieved by processing the collected data using a pseudonym instead of your real name in order to make it impossible to identify a determined or undetermined individual.


2. Collecting and Recording Personal Data

Fabasoft does not record and collect personal data without a reason. Personal data is rather collected to:

  • Allow you to use this website as conveniently as possible,
  • Quickly process requests for information or complaints,
  • React to service or product enquiries,
  • Allow you to use third party content provided within the framework of this website (writing entries or comments, making downloads, etc.),
  • Provide you with informational, marketing or newsletter content that is relevant to you,
  • Allow navigation on this website,
  • Process your job application,
  • Process orders and
  • Perform statistical evaluations of the website usage.

Fabasoft is collecting the required personal data in different ways. Personal data is collected when you directly disclose concrete personal data within the scope of data entry (e.g. registration forms, orders or job applications). Navigation on or via this website also leads to the collection of personal data via so-called cookies. Such data comprises the IP address, the browser type you are using, the language, the login times, the end device that is used, the transmitted data volumes, the navigation history as well as the referrer.


3. Use of Personal Data

Fabasoft is generally using personal data exclusively within the framework and on the basis of the applicable data protection regulations, such as in particular the Austrian Data Protection Act (DSG 2000) and the Austrian Telecommunications Act (TKG 2003) as well as the relevant European directives and regulations. Data processing is carried out under the DVR number 3000680.

Fabasoft is using personal data only under the secure legal cover of Fabasoft in accordance with the content and purpose of the use of the data and unless your interests in secrecy deserving protection are infringed. Fabasoft’s legal authority arises from the granted business license and its memorandum of association.

Your interests in secrecy deserving protection are safeguarded by Fabasoft through your consent to the use of your personal data. This consent can be withdrawn at any time via the contact details listed at the end of this Privacy Policy. By withdrawing consent, the further processing of personal data becomes inadmissible as long as the use of the data is solely based on your consent and your interests in secrecy deserving protection cannot be protected otherwise.

Wherever consent is required, Fabasoft will prompt you to give such consent directly when this personal data is collected. Fabasoft will always tell you in advance what types of data are used for what purposes. If the use of data also comprises transmission to a third party, you will also be informed of the receiver and the purpose of the transmission. In addition you will again be notified of your right to withdraw consent at any time.

Fabasoft furthermore safeguards your interests in secrecy deserving protection by the legitimate prevailing interests of Fabasoft or a third party in the necessary use of your personal data. In doing so, your interests in the protection of the respective personal data on the one hand and the interests of Fabasoft or a third party regarding the use of this data on the other hand are weighed. The interests of Fabasoft or a third party prevail in particular if the data is required to fulfil a contractual obligation between Fabasoft and yourself, or to assert, exercise or defend the legal claims of Fabasoft.

If Fabasoft has a legitimate prevailing interest in the use of data, your personal data will only be used to the extent of fulfilling the respective purpose. For example, personal data required for contract handling will not be used for marketing purposes.


4. Specifics of Data Collection and Use of Data

Fabasoft collects and uses personal data on its website in the following situations:

  • Registration:
    If you register on this website, Fabasoft collects your full name, your email address, the Cloud location, a password of your choice as well as optionally your mobile phone number. This data is used to administer your website account as well as to feed in and assign any requests to Fabasoft (e.g. orders) that are enquired via this account. 
  • Contact and support forms:
    If you contact Fabasoft via the contact or support form or via email, Fabasoft collects your name, your email address, the message you transmit together with any attachments (screenshots, PDF files, etc.) as well as the category of your enquiry (via the support form). Optionally your telephone number, the organisation you represent, your job title / your position as well as your request for a return call are collected. This data is used to process your request or feedback and to contact you accordingly if required. Should you prefer not to be contacted by Fabasoft with regard to your request/feedback, you can inform Fabasoft accordingly by way of a message. In this case Fabasoft will not contact you. 
  • Online application form:
    If you apply for a job at Fabasoft by using the online application form, the following data is collected: Type of application (unsolicited or for a vacant position), the position you are seeking (job title), your preferred location of work, the salutation, your name, your email address, your telephone number, your (cover) letter, your CV and your school and work certificates. This data is used to process your application and to contact you accordingly. If an application results in employment, the data is taken over into Fabasoft’s personnel file and will subsequently be used for personnel management.
  • Product orders:
    If you order a product from Fabasoft, the following data is collected: Name of your Cloud organisation, Cloud location, type and quantity of the ordered product, your name, email address, password, mobile phone number as well as method and conditions of payment. This data is used to process your order as well as the contract and – unless rejected – to transmit messages of direct advertising for similar products or services from Fabasoft. Fabasoft will not send any direct advertising if you have opted out in advance, in particular by registering in the list mentioned in Art. 7 Par. 2 E-Commerce Act (ECG). We will also refrain from sending any further direct advertising as of the moment you opt out. 

In addition, Fabasoft also collects personal data via so-called cookies (see below). If you have to enter personal data via several pages within the context of one of the situations described above, the data is stored temporarily by a session cookie for further use on the next page. This data is deleted when the process (e.g. an ordering process) is cancelled and the browser is closed.  Fabasoft will only continue to use the data as mentioned above if you complete the respective process.


5. Committing/Transmitting of Data

The transmission of data regards the handing over of personal data to third parties who use this data for their own purposes, or the use of the data for another field of activity of Fabasoft. The committing of data regards the handing over of personal data to third parties who use this data on behalf of and for the purposes of Fabasoft.

Fabasoft will under no circumstances sell, lease or rent personal data. Your personal data will only be committed to third parties whenever and as far as this is required for contract handling and for informational, marketing and newsletter services. For example, Fabasoft is using payment service providers to carry out the payment transactions arising from a contract, or delivery services for the sending of letters or parcels.

Fabasoft is using service providers who are located within the European Economic Area or who have an appropriate level of data protection within the meaning of Art. 12 Par. 2 DSG 2000 or who are achieving such a level through a contractual agreement. Such service providers are equally bound to comply with the provisions for data protection.


6. Cookies and Analytics Services

Cookies are small text files originating from the operator of a website and stored on a storage medium of the website user’s end device (PC, notebook, tablet, smartphone, etc.) via the web browser. At subsequent visits to the website, this information is retrieved and allows the website to recognise the end device. Cookies can be used to store personal data as well as non-personal data. By placing cookies, user profiles can be created.

Fabasoft is using cookies to make the use of its website more user-friendly, to continually enhance the performance of the website and to learn more about how the website is used. The website can however also be viewed without cookies. Each Internet browser allows to define whether or not cookies are stored and what kind of cookies are created. Most browsers accept all cookies in their standard settings. If you do not desire this behaviour you should change your browser settings. To this aim, open your browser’s Help page or check the cookie settings of your browser.

Cookies can roughly be subdivided into session cookies and permanent cookies, or first party cookies and third party cookies.

Session cookies are deleted at the end of a session upon closing the browser. They record navigation across the website, the website therefore “remembers” previous user input. Such session cookies are usually used to temporarily store user input when an online form consisting of several pages is filled in, or to temporarily store information the user has input by clicking a button in the shopping basket. Such input may comprise: Data input made in the course of an ordering process, currency, login status or simply the navigation history.

Permanent cookies remain stored when the browser is closed, and are automatically deleted no later than two years after their last use. The information linked with such cookies remains available after you have ended the session and come back to this website. Such cookies may be used for settings with regard to language, layout, login, favourites, etc.

First party cookies are cookies that are set by Fabasoft and are used exclusively by Fabasoft or by yourself. They are mainly session cookies or cookies that are deleted after no more than one month. Third party cookies, however, are not set by Fabasoft directly but by a third party. They are used by third parties to track your navigation across multiple websites and to determine the number of page visits and the time spent. On this website, Fabasoft is using the following third party cookies:

Web analysis service Google Analytics

This website is using Google Analytics, a web analysis service of Google Inc. (Google). Google Analytics is also using cookies to allow for an analysis of your website usage. The information created through the cookie with regard to your usage of this website is normally transferred to a server operated by Google in the United States of America and stored there. If IP anonymisation is activated on this website – as recommended by Fabasoft – Google however shortens your IP address beforehand in the case of the member states of the European Union or other contracting states of the Agreement on the European Economic Area. In exceptional cases only, the full IP address is transferred to a server operated by Google in the United States of America and shortened there. Google will use this information on behalf of Fabasoft to analyse your website usage, to create reports on the website activities and to provide the operator of the website with further services associated with the usage of the website and the Internet. The IP address transmitted by your browser within the scope of Google Analytics is not linked with other data by Google. As mentioned before, you can prevent the storing of cookies by defining the relevant settings of your browser software accordingly; in this case it may occur that you will not be able to use the full functionality of this website. You can furthermore prevent that data created by the cookie and relating to your website usage (including your IP address) is recorded by Google and also prevent that this data is processed by Google. To this aim, download and install the browser plug-in available at the following link:

You can prevent that your data is recorded by Google Analytics by clicking the subsequent link. An opt-out cookie is set which prevents the future recording of your data when you visit this website: Deactivate Google Analytics

Web analysis service Act-On

For statistical evaluations of website visits, the tool Act-On is used to gain data for marketing purposes and to recognise organisations, to process the data and store it at Act One’s data centre in Germany. On the basis of this data, Act-One determines the address – but only if it is ensured that the data concerns an organisation and not an individual person. In this context, cookies are also used.


You agree to the use of cookies either by continuing to navigate from the homepage onwards, or by giving your consent by clicking the “I agree” button in the cookie banner. 


7. Links

On this website Fabasoft also provides links to websites and social media services of third parties (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, XING). Some of these links are visualised as buttons. By clicking these links you are redirected to websites operated by external third parties. By clicking social media links you are redirected directly to Fabasoft’s presence on the social media service of the respective provider.

For statistical purposes, Fabasoft records in an anonymised form that a link has been clicked. However, Fabasoft cannot associate this information with a particular person. By clicking such a link you give the operator of the respective website permission to collect personal data. The collection of this data lies within the sole responsibility of the respective provider since Fabasoft is unable to exert any influence. The privacy policies of these external providers must therefore be read before using the link.


8. Data Protection Measures

Fabasoft has taken appropriate technical and organisational measures to safeguard the protection of your personal data. Thereby any unauthorised access, the collection, use, publication, reproduction, modification or deletion of personal data shall be prevented. To this aim this data is stored on protected servers within the European Economic Area or a safe third country (Switzerland). The technical data protection measures applied comprise among others the forcing of passwords, logging, access controls, firewall and anti-virus programs. The organisational data protection measures applied comprise among others the dual control principle, limitation of data access to selected employees, sampling, non-disclosure agreements and contractual formal obligations.

If you have set up an account on this website you share responsibility for the safety of your password. 


9. Rights of Data Subjects

With regard to the use of your personal data Fabasoft grants you a right of access, a right of rectification or erasion and a right to object as a matter of course. In the event that Fabasoft is using your data upon your consent, you have the right to revoke this consent at any time. Following the receipt of the revocation of consent Fabasoft will immediately cease to use the personal data concerned if the use of data is exclusively based on your consent. Fabasoft may continue to use the personal data concerned if it is anonymised beforehand in such a way as to make any association with a specific person impossible. All rights against Fabasoft are to be asserted in writing (for contact details see below). In order to prevent any abuse of these rights by unauthorised persons you must prove your identity to Fabasoft in an appropriate manner. Every person can execute the right of access for an unlimited number of times, however only one access per year is free of charge. Fabasoft reserves the right to invoice the related costs of each additional access. We will inform you accordingly in advance.


10. Contact Details

In connection with this Privacy Policy you can reach Fabasoft at the following contact details:

Fabasoft International Services GmbH
Honauerstrasse 4
4020 Linz
Phone: +43 732 606162-0
Fax: +43 732 606162-609
DVR-Nummer: 3000680

Status: February 17th, 2017