The software products and Cloud services of Fabasoft help digitalise, accelerate and boost the quality of business processes and offer innovative possibilities for cooperation across the organisation and across national frontiers in the form of both informal collaboration and structured workflows.

Cloud Services

Workflow management and agile collaboration – scalable at highly secure European data centres or instantly ready for operation as an appliance at your own data centre.

Fabasoft Cloud

Agile and secure collaboration between companies

Fabasoft Private Cloud

Enterprise File Sync and Share Appliance for secure mobility of your company data

Electronic Records

Certified security, traceability, transparency, full accessibility, clarity, flexibility and individual adaptations for the management of electronic records.

Fabasoft eGov-Suite

The flexible standard product for modern public administration

Fabasoft Personnel File

Central and consistent management of personnel files

Knowledge Management

Linking data from different sources to provide employees and customers with a 360-degree view on the relevant issues or customers.


Big data search for a 360-degree view of all relevant company information

IT Operations

Ensuring the availability and response time behaviour of your applications – with user feedback options via web browsers or apps on mobile devices.

Fabasoft app.telemetry

Application performance and user experience monitoring

Digital Business Processes

Sustainably increase the competitiveness of companies with features for Enterprise Content Management, Collaboration, Workflow, audit-proof Archiving and Records Management.

Fabasoft Folio

Enterprise content management (ECM) and business process management (BPM, Workflow)

Development of Specialised Applications

Swift and cost-effective development of solutions for documents, case handling and business process management on the basis of the products Fabasoft Cloud, Fabasoft Folio and Fabasoft eGov-Suite.

Fabasoft app.ducx

Agile use case based development environment

Secure Encryption

Encrypting sensitive and valuable documents and protecting them against unauthorised access – with the Fabasoft Secomo appliance and a hardware security module (HSM).

Fabasoft Secomo

Encryption Appliance with genuine end-to-end encryption – decryption takes place on the end device

Agile Project Management

Coordinating your software projects in an easy, central and agile manner with dashboards and reports on scrum-specific ratios such as burndown, velocity, defect rate and more.

Fabasoft Scrum

Application for agile software project management

Testing of Specialised Applications

Automating functional software tests in the Fabasoft product environment by actually carrying out activities in the web browser’s GUI – simulating the way real users are working with the application.

Fabasoft app.test

Integrated use case based test environment